Kitchen Solutions Beef Stroganoff 6x2kg


A Traditional Beef Casserole dish in gravy sauce.


Beef 25%, Gravy (water, potato flour, modified potato starch, yeast extract, marine salt, natural vegetable flavours, vegetable protein extract, dehydrated vegetable (onion, garlic) caramel colour, chilli powder), Water, Milk powder, Thickener (1422), Margarine, Potato Fibre, saffron, Potato, Mushroom, Sour cream (light cream, Halal Gelatine, Sour Cream Culture), Onion, Tomato paste, Lemon juice, Red wine, Salt, Worchestershire sauce (Water, vinegar, molasses, rehydrated vegetables, salt, spices, colour (IV), tamarind extract flavours), Garlic, Malt vinegar, Pepper.


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